Save Your Geology License - Donate Now!

House Bill 15 (2018) has been filed by Rep. Halsey Beshears aimed at deregulating licensure for geology businesses among other professions. There is grave concern that individual PG licenses are next on the chopping block. We must mobilize and engage our FAPG lobbyist now in order to protect our lic...

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Pinellas Environmental Restoration Project

Joseph Daniel, S.M. Stoller [email protected] An ongoing environmental project designed to restore groundwater in Pinellas County, which had been contaminated by chlorinated solvents. Electrical resistive heating and steam-enhanced extraction was used to remove contaminated ma...

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Public Protection Through Geology Licensure

The Fundamentals of Geology Examination and the required five to seven years of practical experience necessary to take the exam is a requirement for any geologist to become a Professional Geologist in the state of Florida. About half of the candidates that take the exam pass. It is worth noting that...

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