About Us

The dirt on geology and what geologists do

When most people think of geology, they think of rocks and dinosaurs. But the study of geology provides a mountain of knowledge to our everyday lives. What lies beneath the surface is a science that is critical to global economies, everyday products, and understanding natural occurrences and resources that affect all of us. Geology is the body of knowledge that deals with the materials and structure of the solid earth and how it changes, and has changed, through time.

Professional geologists are involved in locating, removing and effectively using natural resources, most of which are necessary for modern civilization. Geologists help determine cost-effective processes for using natural resources and minimizing the impact of their exploitation and use. Professional Geologists help leaders, legislators and citizens understand natural disasters, how to predict them to keep the public safe, and how to live with them. Geologists also help determine the sustainability of water supplies, the suitability of waste systems and how to deal with the consequences of general urbanization.

What is FAPG/AIPG?

The Florida Association of Professional Geologists (FAPG) is the official Florida Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), the only international organization that certifies the competence of geological scientists and adheres to professional standards of responsibility, integrity, ethics and education.

AIPG is a nonprofit organization.

FAPG/AIPG was founded to protect, enhance and promote the professional geology profession in the State of Florida. FAPG, along with AIPG, is directly involved with:

  • Professional certification
  • Intervention between regulatory boards on behalf of individual geologists
  • Lobbying state legislators on issues affecting everything geology
  • State and section activities
  • Information flow between FAPG/AIPG and other professional societies such as the Florida Engineering Society
  • Disseminating information important to members on a local, state and national level
  • Liability insurance
  • Health, life and accident Insurance

In other words, FAPG rocks.