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FAPG/AIPG is solely funded by Professional Geologists around the state of Florida, and needs your help in funding operations and legislative influence. Staying aware of issues, pushing for more credibility and influence of geologists, and communicating with members and potential members in your area as well as local and state officials is paramount to the continued success of FAPG/AIPG.

Membership Applications

There is no distinction between joining FAPG and/or AIPG. Your membership to AIPG is your membership to FAPG. If you are a PG, you may apply online as a Professional Member. If you are not a PG, you can still join as either a Young Professional Member, an Associate or as a Student Member. To do this you will need to sign up for an individual account.

For all other categories of membership, the forms must be downloaded, printed out and mailed in. The Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) is a national AIPG designation, and is not the same as a Florida PG Professional Member. The CPG application form (Section X) must be notarized.

Additional Information

Improved Discipline for Professional Geologists

In the 2004 Florida Legislative Session, FAPG was successful in modifying Section 492.113, F.S., to make The Board of Professional Geologists the primary agency responsible for the disciplinary proceedings for professional geologists.  This act benefits our profession and the public because those who are most knowledgeable in the practice of geology now administer discipline for the profession.

Water Resources Act – Chapter 373, F.S.

During the 2005 Florida Legislative Session, FAPG was successful in modifying the language in the WRA so that it now includes professional geologists as an identified profession to supply services and interpretations to the Department of Environmental Protection and the Water Management Districts.

Legislative efforts don’t happen on their own. We successfully retained and paid for a lobbyist to accomplish this success.  Now, we may not be submitting legislation every session, but FAPG-AIPG needs a lobbyist at the Capitol to be our eyes and ears in case we need to respond quickly to a bill or debate that directly affects our livelihood.  And we’re sure you understand that the other goals we have in mind will require other expenditures.

Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA)

Another proposal submitted by the Board of Professional Geologists, but never addressed by the Florida Legislature, is the addition of Professional Geologists to the Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act.  Specifically, the board proposed an amendment to Chapter 287.055, F.S., to include Professional Geologists as identified professionals, along with architects, engineers, landscape architects and surveyors.  Certified professional geologic firms are excluded from responding to Requests for Statements of Qualifications for professional services from various government agencies (city, county, regional and state) for differing geologic, hydrogeologic and geotechnical services. The exclusion of PG firms from participating and practicing within their professional area of expertise is wrong and potentially harms the public.